New EEG machine for Artsakh 
23 June 2022

“Arabkir” United Children’s Charity Foundation together with University Children’s Hospital of Zurich and Fund for Armenian Relief have gifted a new video-EEG machine to “Arevik” medical association in Artask.

With its technical characteristics it is one of the best machines in the field. This machine will give the opportunity to provide short-term and long-term EEG monitoring, which will contribute to diagnose epilepsy and treat diagnosed cases.

On the device's launch occasion, the neurologists from “Arabkir” MC were in Artsakh. The head of the service Biayna Sukhudyan (who is neurology consultant of the Ministry of Health of the Republic of Artsakh) has adjusted and conducted the first tests with the machine. She gave practical advice to her colleagues as well. The technician who will work on the EEG machine has been trained in “Arabkir” MC.

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