From the center of speech development to school
13 July 2022

Those are the students of the center of speech development, which is part of the audiologic center of the “Arabkir” MC - ICAH. At the end of the year, during their ceremony, they presented the things they have learned: singing, dancing and reciting. The head of the audiologic center Tamara Manukyan, representatives of the “Howard Karagheusian” foundation (which provides hearing aids) and parents were in attendance. 


The audiologic center has 40 children included in 4 pedagogical groups and they come to the center 4 days a week` 2 individual and 2 musical group lessons.


Speech development of children with hearing problems (especially in severe cases) is complex, time-consuming and requires dedication. Our team succeeds in this, which is evidenced by the speech of those bright kids, who will go to public schools and study with their peers. This year 12 students will go to school from the center.


Dear children, congratulations and good luck to you at school and everywhere!

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